Doctore Snuggles Application

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Doctore Snuggles Application

Post by Doctores on Sat May 25, 2013 6:56 pm

1. In game name: Doctore Snuggles

2. Real life age: 26

3. Forumfall Account Name (if any): Doctore-

4 Approximate character skills: 22K pp. 120 strength/55 dexterity.

5 Darkfall playstyle: Casual - RL keeps me busy, I only have a few hours a day, maybe less. But I can always make time for a siege.

6 How long have you been playing DF? I've played DF2 since launch.

7 What other clans have you been in? (What did you like/dislike?)

8 Personal Info: I've played DF1 since launch. I'm an old timer and have played MMOs from as far back as Asheron's Call - Dark Tide. You name it and I've probably played it. As I said before, I have a pretty busy RL schedule. I'm looking for a mature clan that understands and is flexible in that regards. I have a 8-5pm job and a busy person life that's about to get a whole lot busier.

9 What you are looking for in clan? A clan that I can grow with, to learn from, a clan that I would gladly die in battle for - but also a clan with smart politics. A clan that treats its membership fairly and is open and transparent about all its decisions that affects everyone.

10 What can Absolution do for you? See above.

11 Recruitment is currently closed -- who is your sponsor? Sorry, don't have a sponsor.


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Re: Doctore Snuggles Application

Post by Slavyn on Sat May 25, 2013 8:22 pm

Why Absolution?

How'd you hear about us?

If you played since launch of DF1 what was your character name and what clans were you in?

Also, recruitment is closed. With no Sponsor and with no idea who you are or were, it's doubtful you will be accepted.


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