App: Miteeth

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App: Miteeth

Post by Miteeth on Fri Jun 08, 2012 10:42 pm

1. In game name
Miteeth Arrpointey

2. Age

3 Character skills ( Magic, Melee/archery, Crafting? )
All Magic schools at 100.
4 main magic intensifies at 100, rest 50-100
75+ GS mastery, 75+ GA mastery, 75+ dagger mastery, max achery

4 Play style ( Mage, Destroyer, Hybrid, Other? )
Mage mostly

5 How long have you been playing DF? ( Other clans you have been in, etc. )
Since release with the occasional long break
- Dhov
- Cligues private possessions (not really, but he has tried to claim that over me)

6 About you ( Gaming history, play schedule, work or whatever else you want to share with us )
- CSS, WOW, Everquest, darkfall, diablo, starcraft.
- Playing Darkfall only on weekends really
- Work with the joys of IT :/

7 What you are looking for in clan/what we can offer you?
- Hang with my longterm darkfall buddies, defend & pve!


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Re: App: Miteeth

Post by Cligue on Sat Jun 09, 2012 8:38 am

LOL starcraft is in your gaming history.


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