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Roland Siege app.

Post by Roland Siege on Sun Jul 08, 2012 11:16 pm

1. In game name: Roland Siege

2. Real life age: 29

3 Approximate character skills: Magics and weapons done or close to. Stats need work.

4 Darkfall playstyle: (You can be creative ...) Farm to PvP, love to duel.

5 How long have you been playing DF? On and off since NA1 launch.

6 What other clans have you been in? (What did you like/dislike?)Industry (i went inactive). Maru Kage (......).

7 Personal Info: (Gaming history, play schedule, job, or whatever else you want to share) Been playing MMOs since 2003 and Ultima Online. I work mon-fri 7-5 as a finish carpenter.

8 What you are looking for in clan? A good active community but mostly decent people to hang with while I play DF.

9 What can Absolution do for you? Hopefully introduce me to some new faces and activities.

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