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Post by Qflex on Wed Jul 03, 2013 4:53 pm

1. In game name:

Qflex Blackdever

2. Real life age:


3. Forumfall Account Name (if any):


4 Approximate character skills:

85k PP

90 str(have str+40 booster)
100 dex (have dex+40 booster)
20 int
80 wis

Currently deadeye ( have salvo )
but have stampede as warrior and some points as primalist as well ( as i need to roll those roles every now and then)

Great axe/Archery/Sword. All 100 with mastery 100

GM Tanning/woodcutting/weaving/tailoring/leatherworking/smelting/bowyer(with mastery, just started). Alchemy and cooking almost at 50, rest(no ship/constr/) but staffmaking at 95+

5 Darkfall playstyle: (You can be creative ...)

I cant be creative because i didnt find my playstile on darkfall yet, but for my history of gaming im a very strategic guy, always have been part of the leadership of
guilds i was in.
As for gameplay, taking for example FPS, i like to stay back and give cover most of the time, but if its needed to rush in and get my hands dirty. I dont think twice.

6 How long have you been playing DF?

Played darkfall 1 for a small period, found it too much timesink, almost 3 months, now im back for about a month and a half
(im that far on prowess cause i focus a lot and have a alt gatherer)

7 What other clans have you been in? (What did you like/dislike?)

Roll patrol (died), The ancients.

i have nothing to say about roll patrol even why when the game launched i didnt have enough time to play.

I like The ancients, the guys are ok but they fool around too much and do go after prowess, i joined the clan about 2 weeks ago and im the first by far on prowess
also lack of alliance ( got kicked from the Who Cares Alliance, i dont really know why)

So i dont have much to do in the game and cant enjoy a good pvp with nice leadership

8 Personal Info: (Gaming history, play schedule, job, or whatever else you want to share)

Jesus i've played almost all mmos that are out there, some for 1 week , some for years (like everquest, wow and UO)

I`ve been a gamer since i was a kid and that is what i like to do with my free time (and i have a lot) due to the nature of my work, i work with investments.
Have some flats with tenants, and my main incoming is working with Community Marketing, have a big network of that so i work from home.
Being that said, my playing time varies. Sometimes i have to travel , but when im home. Be sure that im playing something or doing something with the wife and family.

9 What you are looking for in clan?

To be honest i saw the siege video in the and that made me crazy, awesome, really awesome battle.
So what i want is to have some fun and some moments of glory! (those are priceless, gamers know that)

10 What can Absolution do for you?

Offer a good leadership for me, end game, pvp experiences, sieges and teach me the ways of the game.
Its funny that usually the applies i have filled asked me what i can offer to the clan/guild that im joining. But i wont argue lol.

11 Recruitment is currently closed -- who is your sponsor?
I've made friendship with dalai lama, we finished the Villain Feat together. is it closed? be like a moms heart, there always place for one more Smile
(by the way i have 2 real life friends that will want to join as well, 33k warrior and 20k warrior as well. But they barely play that much, they just like to hang out with me.)


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Re: Application

Post by Back Stabath on Wed Jul 03, 2013 5:12 pm


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Re: Application

Post by LeFitz on Thu Jul 04, 2013 12:14 am

Fresh blood! Very Happy

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Re: Application

Post by Turtle/Bazooka on Thu Jul 04, 2013 10:55 am

Well if Dalai and the Body Countz crew are for you, that is a pretty solid recommendation. Any opposed?

App up in game please.

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Re: Application

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